YOKU MOKU MUSEUM Friends Association agreement

1. This association goes by the name “Yoku Moku Museum Friends Association” (hereafter referred to as “the association” or as “Friends Association”).

2. By means of exhibitions and education-outreach activities produced or carried out by the Yoku Moku Museum General Incorporated Association (hereafter referred to as “the museum” or as “this museum”), the Friends Association aims to promote becoming closely familiar with art.

3. As for a member of the Friends Association (hereafter referred to as the “a member” or as “the member”), in addition to consenting to this agreement, he or she must complete the application procedures established by this agreement, and then the museum will determine his or her membership status.

4. Regarding Friends Association membership classifications, the following four kinds exist:
(1) Individual member
(2) Corporate member ※ In preparation
(3) Art Sessions Plan A member
(4) Art Sessions Plan B member

5. A person who desires to become a member of this association, after filling out the required information on the application form issued by the museum, should submit it to the museum.

6. The membership period will run from the date on which the selected annual-fee amount indicated in item 7, below, has been paid through the last day of the same month (of the fee-payment date) in the following year.

7. For those who become members of the association, paying their membership fees by bank transfer, or in the form of an in-person cash deposit, or by using a credit card, the following annual membership-fee amounts apply. Likewise, when your membership period comes to an end, if you would like your membership status to continue, please pay the same annual-fee amount again.
  (1) Individual member: 5500 yen (tax included)
(2) Corporate member: ※ In preparation
(3) Art Sessions Plan A member: 33,000 yen (tax included)
(4) Art Sessions Plan B member 15,500 yen (tax included)

8. With regard to the membership benefits that are indicated below, when taking advantage of any of these benefits, if asked to do so by the museum, please present your Friends Association membership card.

  Individual members
  (1) When requesting free admission to the museum
(2) When being presented with invitations to museum events
(3) In order to receive priority handling of Art Sessions-related requests
(4) In order to receive mailings from the museum
(5) Priority reservations for museum-sponsored lecture events.

  Corporate members
  ※ In preparation

  Art Sessions Plan A members
  (1) When making priority reservations for museum-sponsored lecture events
(2) In order to receive tickets for ten YM Art Session events.
(3) In order to receive ten free-drink coupons

  Art Sessions Plan B members
  (1) When making priority reservations for museum-sponsored lecture events
(2) In order to receive tickets for five YM Art Session events.
(3) In order to receive five free-drink coupons

  Furthermore, with regard to the above-cited benefits, without obtaining a member’s consent, the museum may modify them at its discretion.

9. A membership card will be issued to each member. Only the named member (or, in the case of a corporate membership, the card-holding representative of the entity with which that membership is associated) may use his or her assigned membership card. Transferring or loaning a membership card for use by a non-member is not allowed. Likewise, members are kindly asked to comply if the museum asks them to present their personal-identification cards along with their Friends Association membership cards.

10. In case a card is lost, regardless of the reason, a new card will not be reissued.

11. Of course, it is understood that, when receiving membership benefits, an association member must present his or her membership card to the museum staff.

12. Please immediately notify the museum in case your name and/or any other identification data that you provided when you applied for membership in the association later changes. The museum will bear no responsibility whatsoever for any inconvenience or harm that might be caused by a member’s failure to report such updated data to the museum.

13. A member agrees that the museum and/or its outsourced third parties may use the personal data that he or she has provided to the extent that the museum might need to do so in conjunction with the carrying-out of its administrative functions.

14. If necessary, during the membership period, upon the submission of a written statement to the Friends Association, a member may withdraw from the association. However, in such an instance, the annual membership fee that he or she has paid will not be refunded.

15. In the following cases, a member will forfeit his or her membership status, and his or her paid membership fee will not be refunded:
  (1) If any of the information provided on his or her application form is false
(2) If a member is responsible for anti-social behavior or behavior that breaks the law
(3) If a member abuses or slanders another member of the association or a museum visitor, or a member of the museum’s staff, or if he or she causes harm to or annoys another person
(4) If a member violates any of the terms of this agreement
(5) If a member himself or herself belongs to or is associated with an organized-crime group or with an organized-crime group member or similar elements and/or if he or she is associated with any anti-social force or influence
(6) If, in other instances, the museum determines that a member has acted inappropriately

16. The museum, without obtaining a member’s consent, in addition to refunding his or her annual membership fee for the corresponding portion of his or her remaining membership period, may dissolve the association. In such an instance, a member may not submit a claim against the museum for compensatory damages.

17. After becoming a member of the association, a member will receive announcements and other information from the museum about all of its services and events.

18. Depending on its importance, and without obtaining a member’s consent, the museum may modify the terms of this agreement.
Supplementary bylaws: The terms of this membership agreement will come into effect starting on October 25, 2020.