Opening Inaugural Exhibition
“Picasso: Life on the Côte d’Azur”


In 1946, Pablo Picasso, a titan of twentieth-century art, visited the town of Vallauris in the south of France and met the potters George and Susanne Ramie. By the summer of 1947, he was fully engaged in creating ceramics. Until then Picasso was known for his complex and hermetic works. While savoring the warm air of Southern France, Picasso began to create ceramics with the aid of local artisans. This exhibition introduces Picasso’s ceramic works and their background as well as explores the changes in Picasso’s daily life and the innovations that his ceramics brought about in relation to his time.

2020 10. 25 SUN- 2021 9.26 SUN
*May have some changes for prevention of the spread of COVID-19
*Commencement with strategies of prevention for COVID-19

Mondays, Year-end and the New Year holidays, Exhibition installation period
*excepting for the Tuesday after a public holiday on Monday and October 26, 2020

10:00-17:00 (Fridays: open until 20:00)

*Entrance until 30 minutes before closing

Admission Fee (tax included):
Adults:1,200 yen Students: 800 yen
Elementary School Students and Younger: Free
*Those with handicapped certification may have a caretaker enter for free
*College & University/ High school/Middle school students are required to show a student ID



・The Littlie-Known World of Picasso Ceramics

・Historical Background of Picasso’s Ceramic Series

・Related events take place as needed


Exhibition composition


Section Ⅰ: transformation of products for daily use

Presenting Picasso’s creative ceramic works

Section Ⅱ: transformation of art life

Exploring Picasso’s motivation for producing ceramics by introducing the process and background of the production

Section Ⅲ:Tumultuous period

Explaining the reasons why ceramics were created from a historical background


2nd Floor

Space for Permanent Exhibition

Viewing ceramic works under natural lights

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