Website policy

This website (hereafter referred to as “this site”) is operated by the Yoku Moku Museum. When using this website, we ask that you please take note of all of the following matters.

The scope of information that is being collected:
At the present time, the content of this website has been created with attention paid to its use in the context of a general browsing environment. As a general rule, the content of this website has been produced in compliance with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) 4.01 Strict as well as with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Level 1. When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 (or earlier versions of that software), or Netscape Navigator 4 (or earlier versions of that software), or other such software to browse the Internet and view this site’s content, the appearance of its layout on your computer screen may vary.

Regarding copyright:
The images of artworks, illustrations, texts, and other materials, and all of the content that appears on this website are protected to the fullest extent of the law by Japanese copyright law, the Berne Convention, and other international accords.
Without the consent of the holders of the copyright governing these written and other materials, any use of these materials beyond only personal use, as stipulated by copyright law, is not allowed. Moreover, without the consent of the copyright holders, the modification, reproduction, renting out, loaning, selling, publication, transmission, broadcast, and so on of any of these materials, and also, regardless of the method, the offering of any of these materials to any third party are all forbidden. However, in cases in which separate conditions of use apply to certain written materials, please abide by the relevant terms of use for such materials.

Regarding trademark:
Although the Yoku Moku Museum takes various precautions with regard to the information that it publishes on this website, it does not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, usefulness, security, etc., of such content.
The information that is published on this website is related, in part, to the activities of this museum but it does not cover everything related to the museum.
Regarding the content of this website, without prior notification, the museum may alter or delete its structure, terms of use, and/or address (URL), as well as other aspects of its content, and without prior notification it may possibly interrupt or suspend its operation. Furthermore, regardless of any reason, this museum will not be responsible in any way for any damage(s) that might be caused by any such modifications of this website and/or by any interruption or suspension of its operation.
Regarding the content of third-party websites that are linked to from this site or that link themselves to this site, insofar as each website operator is responsible for the management of its own site, the Yoku Moku Museum is in no way responsible for any of the content of such third-party sites nor for any damage(s) that might be caused through the use of such sites. Moreover, the fact that there may be links from this website to certain third-party websites does not mean that any partnerships or special relationships might exist between this museum and the operators of such other websites.