*Visitors may use the museum shop and café facilities only, without having to enter the exhibition spaces.

We have assembled a selection of original merchandise bearing motifs from Picasso’s ceramic works and the museum’s logo.


Café Vallauris is named after the town in the south of France where, after World War II, Picasso worked energetically on his production of ceramic works. In the café’s courtyard, which is filled with natural light, you may enjoy the year-round the beauty of a flowering dogwood tree, or after seeing the Yoku Moku Museum’s exhibitions, you may relax and spend time savoring your impressions of what you have just seen. Of course, you are welcome to visit the café only, even without entering the museum.

The YOKU MOKU Group’s high-end patisserie brand Un Grain’s mignardises (bite-size desserts) are also available.

In addition, from the YOKU MOKU MUSEUM’s distinctive menu, with its art kit that may be enjoyed in a short time, you may wish to select the “art for café” option, which comes with an art kit, drink, and baked goods, for the price of 1650 yen (tax included). Offering refreshing art experiences, Café Vallauris is a place where you may spend time relaxing and enjoying the making of a creative work in a leisurely manner.

Also, in the adjoining library space, you can get to know more about Picasso by way of its specialized, Picasso-related holdings. In addition, Art Sessions and events featuring collaborations between confectionery and art, as well as other programs involving therapy, food, and other disciplines, and opportunities for interdisciplinary thinking, are available.

Name: Café Vallauris
Telephone number for customers’ inquiries about the café: 03-3486-8000


To allow for enjoyable, deeper study of Picasso, an enriching collection of domestic and foreign publications, and writings about art is available.

Visitors who use the museum and the café may also visit the library.