Please experience Picasso’s creativity through the YOKU MOKU Collection. Filled with an abundance of free-spirited surprises, and allowing for the discovery of art’s power in everyday life — to create such a place is why the Yoku Moku Museum was born. In addition to presenting the Yoku Moku Collection from a variety of different approaches, we organize ‘Art Sessions’ derived from art therapy techniques, this museum’s distinctive ‘Art and Confectionery’ events, and other unique educational programs.
It is not an exaggeration to note that, as though it were stating, “I would like to welcome everyone as though I’m inviting a friend,” this cozy building has emerged in a residential district of Minami Aoyama. On the ground floor, there is Café Vallauris, which offers the Yoku Moku Group’s high-end Un Grain brand’s mignardises (lovely, bite-size desserts) and other pleasures. From the café, you can see through to the museum shop and the library; all of these facilities look forward to your visit.


 Having inherited the notion that “confectionery is something creative,” we seek to give life to a place where, reflecting the abundantly free-spirited approach Picasso took in producing his ceramic art, everyone may encounter surprises and make discoveries.


 • To provide opportunities to increase our creative potential
• To provide opportunities through which, one by one, our latent creative potential may be fostered through a variety of experiences
• To bring art closer together with our everyday lives
• To integrate a place one may freely visit into one’s lifestyle, with refined beauty
• To provide possibilities for bringing together confectionery and art and, in so doing, to be sure, for making artistic contributions, too

Overview of the institution

YM House General Incorporated Association
6-15-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Location of the enterprise:
Yoku Moku Museum (located at the same address)
Operations of the enterprise:
Management of a museum and others
Toshiyasu Fujinawa, Representative of the Board of Directors
Founding date:
October 11, 2016 (Heisei 28, October 11)

This institution’s goal is to establish a broad base in the local community and among the public through such activities as implementing programs related to the promotion of art and art education, promoting the exhibiting of works of art and the spread of art education, and helping to foster the development of young artists.