Privacy policy

1.Basic considerations

With regard to the extent to which the services offered by the Yoku Moku Museum and the Yoku Moku Museum website (hereafter referred to as “this site”) need to operate smoothly, including, among others, the providing of information, responding to inquiries, and welcoming the public’s participation in all sorts of projects, in accordance with the legally required protection of personal information, this site keeps track of the personal data of all visitors who use it. Visitors’ personal information collected by this website is used appropriately within the scope of the objectives listed below in item (3).

2.The scope of collected data

(1)This site automatically makes note of the IP address (and other data) from which it is being visited at the time of browsing, but this information and any personal information are not combined with any other, specially targeted data. However, in accordance with the law and relevant regulations, upon request or to the extent allowed by the Yoku Moku Museum’s or other visitors’ rights, in such instances, steps can be taken to temporarily deny access (to a visitor’s personal data).

(2)Visitors to this site who use it to apply to participate in various individual projects sponsored by the museum will be asked to provide such necessary information as their names, addresses, school names, occupation titles, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.

3.Purposes of use (of collected information)

(1) Concerning personal data that are collected by this site, the purposes of use of this information are as follows and they will not exceed the uses that are cited here, below. This information may be used:
[1] for sending to participants in museum-sponsored art sessions (workshops) any artworks or other items they might have produced at such events
[2] for sending notifications regarding the museum’s services or events
[3] for responding to inquiries
[4] for accepting requests for participation in museum-sponsored events and for events-related management
[5] in the managing of the personal data of private individuals or corporate members (for the purpose of sending them by postal mail or by e-mail various kinds of information about special projects, events, and other activities)

(2) As for this site’s collecting of information, it is used to help understand the statistical data (visitors’ access dates and times, the number of visitors, etc.) that is collected and that helps ensure the smooth operation of the services this site provides.
In this regard, the Yoku Muku Museum, based on such supplied personal information, generates statistical data in a manner that does not allow specific individuals to be identified. With regard to statistical data, according to which specific individuals cannot be identified, the Yoku Moku Museum may make use of these data without any limitations. Furthermore, in cases in which research is carried out based on personal information that has been filled in on survey sheets by and received from participants (in the museum’s events), such information will be used in a manner that does not allow specific individuals to be identified.

4.About releasing or providing data to third parties

With the following exceptions, the Yoko Moku Museum never releases or provides to any kind of third party any personal information that has been supplied by participants (in its events or programs, or by visitors to its website).

• an instance in which the person in question has agreed to the provision of information

• in cases in which laws or ordinances are established affecting the use of the information other than for intended purposes

• in cases of urgent need, in which a person’s life, physical self, personal property, and so on, being in imminent danger, make it difficult to obtain that person’s agreement

• in cases in which this site’s site-traffic numbers and collected information that does not does not allow specific individuals to be identified is processed statistically

5.Security-control measures

Yoku Moku Museum will take the necessary steps to prevent the leaking or destruction of, or any harm being done to the collected information, and to ensure its ability to manage it appropriately.

6.Range of use (of collected information)

This privacy policy applies only to this website:

Additional remarks:

This privacy policy may be revised, as necessary.