Development through the study of art

Aiming to be a museum in which everyone may encounter surprises and make discoveries: Starting from this basic conviction, with the region and its society in mind, Yoko Moku Museum imagines itself as a place that reaches out to everyone and provides a place for free expression.

Enjoying the experience of art

To be able to express yourself freely, to tap into your creativity, to nourish the spirit — we have arranged a variety of activities to address these concerns.

YM Art Sessions Nourishing a Healthy Spirit Program

With regard to the medical uses of art, this Art Session is based on the idea of “clinical art.” By arousing the five senses and, thereby, stimulating the right side of the brain, one may expect an easing of stress and a refreshing result. Those who would like to enjoy art in a carefree manner, those who would like to boost their creativity, and those who find themselves in low spirits, or anyone else — this is a program for everyone who would like to discover their capacity for free, personal expression and the nourishing of a healthy spirit.
※ Note: In Japan, “rinshō bijutsu,” meaning “art therapy,” and “rinshō bijutsushi,” meaning “art therapist,” are registered trademarks of Geijutsu Zokei Kenkyusho (Research Institute for Fine Art and the Plastic Arts).

Art de Picasso A workshop about boosting your power to feel and create

An original, distinctive workshop developed by Yoko Moku Museum focusing on Picasso’s creativity, in which artists who are active in a variety of creative fields and patissiers will take part in collaborative projects.

Enjoy each of these experiences touched by aspects of Picasso’s art and life.

Online art Workshop: Even though the distance is far, the spirit is close

An online workshop developed with the museum, based on its popular Artwork Menu and Art Sessions.

Even when making use of the same materials and subject matter, not everyone produces the same work of art.

Can one try to express oneself though art without starting with one’s familiar, normal thoughts?

Savoring the exhibition

In order to provide for even deeper enjoyment of the exhibition, we have organized a variety of special events.

Lecture event

As a place where anyone may find surprises and make discoveries, the museum will, from time to time, invite a variety of artists and cultural figures to present lectures.

Gallery talks

Walking through the exhibition galleries with participating visitors, curators will explain the attractions of and share anecdotes about the artworks on display.

Talks about Picasso

In enjoyable conversations, educators and participating visitors will discover the interesting aspects of Picasso’s works — and possibly change the ways in which, as individual viewers, they previously appreciated them.