About the YOKU MOKU Collection

Among the broad range of Picasso’s artistic activities, the YOKU MOKU Collection has made the artist’s ceramics the focus of its collecting, along with what are known as limited-edition works that were produced with his permission and under his strict supervision. It is one of the world’s foremost collections of its kind.

In addition to ceramic works, the museum collects various materials, including Picasso’s oil paintings and prints, and books and papers, including some important writings.

The collection reflects the strong thought of YOKU MOKU’s corporate founder, Noriichi Fujinawa, who observed that “confectionery is something creative.” Over a period of some 30 years, Toshiyasu Fujinawa, the second-generation head of the company and director of the museum, who inherited that maxim, has collected for the YOKU MOKU Group works of art that he has encountered and that have fascinated him. Today, the collection has grown to include more than 500 artworks.